takes political negotiations to the heart of society: directly to the streets and squares in our cities, in schools, businesses and clubs and to your living room: UN negotiations and more – watch live together and discuss with experts.

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Target Presentation of the significance of the international negotiations and discussion of the results with regard to the european and german policy processes.
Initial situation Mankind is about to jump into a peaceful, free and sustainable future. For this the next 15. months will be crucial, in particular also for the young generation. The UN Climate and Biodiversity Conferences from 23 September 2019 to the end of 2020 will set the framework for the states. But in many cases the importance of these processes has not reached the public.
Measure The UN negotiations and other important national or regional conferences will be presented – embedded in a moderated explanatory programme – at central public locations in several capitals – e.g. in Berlin at the Brandenburg Gate – by Public Screening. OnHour for Future – Public Screening invites people to look at the international negotiations together and discuss them.
Vision OnHour for Future – Public Screening brings national and international negotiations on climate, nature, oceans, sustainability and human rights to the heart of society. The transfer of democratic processes to prominent, public places strengthens the common sense of responsibility in societies.

We dedicate OnHour to children and young people. For a peaceful and good future for all. Today, tomorrow and worldwide.

+ Kick-off event: 23.09.2019 – UN Climate Summit, example Germany, Berlin, Brandenburg Gate
Political process: UN climate summit (New York)
Date: 23.09.2019
Location: Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, Germany
Programme points (The following programme serves as a model for further events)
1. Livestream of the summit conclusion, presentation of the summit results
2. Livestream of the speech of Greta Thunberg
3. Live link to national leader, here Federal Chancellor Merkel at the Summit
4. Live OnHour in other capitals
5. Keynote Climate Scientist
6. Live debate on the podium: pupils, experts from science, civil society
7. OnHour for Future – Uniting: message, connecting symbolic (offline) element between OnHour venues
Guests of the live debate: pupils, experts from science, civil society
1. student: e.g. Fridays for Future
2. Expert Climate
3. Expert Biodiversity
4. Expert Agriculture
5. Expert Energy

Project-Period: September 2019 to December 2020
From 23 September 2019 until the end of 2020, international policy on climate, biodiversity, oceans, sustainability and human rights will set the course that is also being prepared in the EU and Germany, the nation states worldwide.
UN-System: Dates and locations of the UN negotiations on Climate, Biodiversity, Oceans, Sustainability and Human Rights.
Political processes that prepare the UN negotiations:
Regional, EU: Commission, European Council, Council of Europe, Parliament
National, Germany: Federal Government: Chancellor, Climate Cabinet, Climate Cabinet Federal Minister; Federal Council, Parliament

2019.09.20. – Berlin: Start of the press conference of the Federal Climate Cabinet possible

End Start UN-Conference/Summit City
2019.09.232019.09.23UN-Climate Action 2019 New York
2019.09.25. 2019.09.24. UN-SDG Summit 2019 New York
2019.10.18. 2019.10.14.UN-HCR: Binding Treaty on business activities and Human Rights 2019 Geneva
2019.12.13.2019.12.02.UN-Framework Convention on Climate Change 2019 Santiago de Chile
2020.06.06. 2020.06.02. UN-Ocean Conference 2020 Lisbon
2020.09.2020.09.UN-SDG Summit 2020New York
2020.10.10.2020.10.05UN-Convention on Biological Diversity 2020 Peking
2020.11.19. 2020.11.09.UN-Framework Convention on Climate Change 2020 London?

Public OnHour – Public Screening Cities (*UN: City of UN-Conference/Summit)

EuropeGermanyBerlinBrandenburg Gate
Great Britain*London?Picadelly Cirus
BelgiumBrusselsGrand Place Bruselas
FranceParisPlace de la Bastille
North/South AmericaUSA*New YorkTimes Square
ChileSantiag de Chile
BrazileRio de Janeiro
New ZealandWellington
ChinaChina*PekingPlace of Heavenly Freedom

Further measures, overview:
Website OnHour.org:
1. Transmission of centrally organised public screenings,
2. Transmission of the decentrally organized screenings,
3. Mapping of the planned public screenings,
4. Toolbox: online, offline diy-public screenings,
5. Online Public Screening of Livestream UN-WebTV

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